Permitted Process Applications & Queries

An Environmental Permit is necessary if your business concerns processes that produce waste or harmful emissions that are hazardous to surrounding air, water or land. Pollutant processes include those such as combustion, solvent recovery or mineral processes. Actions must be taken to make your business environmentally safe such as the correct storage, treatment and disposal of waste according to requirements by law.
Larger processes and buisness activities are governed by differing regulations than those of a smaller domestic nature, however we can consult with all companies to determine what kind of permit must be applied for. From the safe disposal of domestic sewage from sceptic tanks, toilets and drains, to the larger scale management of combustion, solvent recovery and mineral processes, at Complete Environemental Solutions we aim to provide council and guidance through the process of all permit applications to ensure that regulations are adhered to and applications are successful.
Any permit queries can be solved by our expert guidance and advice. We can help to identify the processes that require permits, navigate the procedure of application, and adhere to regulations enforced by local authorities.

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