Land Contamination

Contaminated land can be problematic as it has been polluted by the past industries such as gasworks, chemical works and landfills, and therefore is unsuitable for building development. Contaminated land is defined legally as land where polluting substances can cause damage. There may still traces of harmful substances in the ground or water that may have an adverse affect upon the health of those near to the pollutant, and even if you were not the cause of the contamination, as owner of the land it is your responsibility by law to dispose of the hazardous material within the land and clean the earth to a standard where it is safe to build upon. We can provide assistance in everything from inspecting and identifying corrupted land, to the purification of toxic soil.
Applications for the redevelopment of the contaminated land will only be considered for approval once the contamination is cleaned up until it no longer poses a significant risk to the health of the public. Tainted earth is often referred to as a  ‘brownfield site’ and if pollutant can get to make public contact and becomes injurious, land is declared as contaminated.

Complete Environmental Solutions can offer the advice and assistance needed to find qualified authorities that can decontaminate and sanitize the ground for it to be suitable for development.

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