Health & Safety - Advice & Support

Whatever the nature of your business, it is your responsibility as a business owner to implement good health and safety practices to control risk on the work place to protect yourself and your employees. Complete Environmental Services offer advice and support in the following areas:
  • Assessing the main health and safety issues within your operation
  • Risk assessment
  • Statement of safety policies
  • Implementation of safety and emergency policies
By keeping abreast of current legislation, Complete Environmental Services offer informed and up-to-date services and information to ensure that your business complies with current health and safety law.

For example establishing issues in areas such as:
  • Potential hazards such as slips and trips
  • Use of cleaning chemicals etc
  • Causes of potential health issues such as back pain or dermatitis
  • Safe use, care and maintenance of equipment
We can help to inform and train your staff to recognize potential risks in the workplace and to implement the procedures in place to control or minimize them.

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