Deep Cleansing

Whatever your business, the cleanliness of your premises is a reflection of how your business is run whether it’s an office or food related environment. You have a responsibility to those that work, enter or use your services to provide a hygienic environment. Complete Environmental Services can assess your workplace and offer practical solutions to ensure that you stay within guidelines and legislation. 

We also offer a deep cleansing service along with experienced advice of how to maintain an acceptable standard of hygiene.  Our services are widely used within the catering and food service industry where reputation hinges on the hygiene and cleanliness of their kitchens and facilities.  The deep cleansing covers areas such as the removal of food, grease, oil, dust and dirt including the removal of burnt and dried-on residues, calcium, rust and any other deposits from cookers and extractor hoods. We also thoroughly clean hazardous deposits which can also include micro-organisms such as mould, yeast and bacteria. Call us today for an assessment or further information about our deep cleansing services.

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